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Posted on Sat Apr 2, 2016 2:36 am

Hello guys n girls, sorry its been a long time Max. Ive just rebooted this rig for gaming. I looked up your site here. Looks good. I saw the ranking system n badges and it got me to sign up straight away. Sounds like this would be fun. Let me know the games your all playing and ill see ive got them all. I have Arma3 etc Tfall BF4, Elite, WOWS, GTA5 n the rest. Id like to have a few matches. Please let me know if this is ok. Thanks Carl,(SteelHorn, or Starleague)

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Posted on Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:57 pm

Just wanted to wish everyone in Phantom Rebels and all our friends a happy new year Smile

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Posted on Thu Sep 17, 2015 2:43 am

This Code of Conduct is written by Fenix.



As a member of Phantom Rebels, and (hopefully) as a decent human being, we should all strive to maintain a certain level of civility both within the guild and to other players on-line.

To this effect, all member should do what they can to abide by the following guidelines while representing the guild.


1. General Conduct

Maintain a minimum level of profanity - No one minds the occasional swear here and there. But make it a point to meter your output in both guild chat and Ventrillo. 

This includes slurs. I've made it apparent I don't like the word "gay" being used as an insult.

Even if I didn't have a few gay friends and family, I still find the word juvenile and, to be honest, unimaginative when you consider just how many adjectives the English language has.


2. DO NOT ASSUME just because you in particular have no issue with a word it's ok for you to use it. And please don't try to justify it's use to me.

I've admined quite a few game servers and I've heard about every justification for rude/racist behavior.

Basically, the harder you have to work to justify the statement, the more wrong you probably are. That and it's just easier to say "my bad" and to not do it again.


3. Avoid antagonistic behavior - I doubt many people signed up to this guild to be harassed about their perceived level of skill, their gearscore, or even their personal attributes or beliefs.


4. Avoid sarcasm, especially with people you do not know - Sarcasm is notoriously difficult to detect in written communication unless you know the person.

Even in Teamspeak, people forget that upwards of 80% of communication is handled via facial expressions and body language.

These do not exist in either guild chat or Vent. If a comment you made is taken out of context, you'd be better off apologizing and letting it drop than trying to explain why it was funny or needed to be taken within context.


NOTE: Guild chat and Ventrillo are not avenues for personal disagreements. We recommend you handle it in a private chat because if a spat is held in public, a guild leader will handle it and you won't likely enjoy how he/she does so.


GUILD CHAT (in-game) 

Please keep non-guild related chat to a minimum. If you find yourself "talking over" someone asking a Wow/guild related question, you'd do well to step back and let that conversation finish up before resuming your unrelated conversation.


Basically, don't act like a jerk-ass and keep the spam to a minimum and you'll be fine.



"The Bar" - Anything goes in here with respect to the general code of conduct. However, Guild/game related chat has priority. If you find the focus of the Bar has switched to something else, move yourself and your conversation partner to another room or request, nicely, for the game/guild related chat to be taken to another room. But do not try to talk over member discussing game related issues to discuss how your night at the bar went.


I catch myself doing this is well and anyone can feel free to ask me to tone it down. 


Any other room will be used for whatever purpose the original joiners needed it for. Do not enter room and try to derail the discussion.


Really, that's about it. If you have an issue, you know who the GMs are. Alosia (Kyle) is our resident executioner.

In the event you can't contact him, myself or Mark are usually available.

Talk to them in private if you have issue and we will do everything to work it out. Report abusive behavior immediately.

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