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Information On How To Join Phantom Rebels

Phantom Rebels is a friendly community who enjoy gaming, but we do not tolerate cheating, hacking or stat padding.


  • There is no minimum age for join.
    While we accept younger members they will only be accepted if found to be sensible / not overly loud and play fair. (We dislike kids screaming over teamspeak).
  • We do not allow our members/recruits to be in other rival clans or squads if you are in a rival clan or squad you must leave before applying here. 
    These are defined as clans that have servers on-line in games that Phantom Rebels also has servers on-line.

You must agree to abide by our community rules and have read about our strike system by applying you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to these.

Submitting a request


Depending on which squad within our community you want to join you can click one of the links below.

  • Our danish members have their own squad called "Vikings".
  • Most members join the Phantom Rebels squad.
  • Forlorn Hope squad is ran seperately from Phantom Rebels.

Click here to join the Phantom Rebels Squad

Click here to join the Vikings squad

Please read the below in full before filling an application out.


Once you've been accepted as a recruit

Upon joining PR¦ / -=PR=- / =PR= you will be on a Recruit Period for 2 weeks. 

Recruits must wear "rPR¦" or "rPR-" in front of there name at all times. 

This is so not only council members can identify you but also other clan members.

Completion of recruit period


Recruits that successfully complete the Recruit Period will be spoken to by a council member and told if they have made member status, in most cases this will just be telling you to remove the recruit tag from the front of your name and carry on gaming!

Other information regarding recruits


In-game admin rights to servers will not be given upon completion of your Recruit Period as we must get to know you first before giving those sort of permissions out. 

Admin rights are given at the discretion of the server admin's, begging for them in advance will most likely lead to you not getting them. 

The council reserves the right to skip the recruit period in special circumstances. (i.e: Ex member rejoining). Old members will be given there old status back (i.e: veteran member).

The council reserves the right to refuse membership with or without giving a reason.


How To Connect To Teamspeak & Server Information


Teamspeak 3 is free voice over IP software that allows Phantom Rebels members to communicate with each other.

You can get Teamspeak 3 client from  [url=]here[/url]

Please PM madmax via for the forums for the teamspeak address.

Phantom Rebels members may want to add our server under the bookmarks and set it to auto connect, doing this will allow you to simply start Teamspeak and auto connect (which is much quicker).

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