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Phantom Rebels Strike System
What the strikes mean and how they are implemented

The Commander-in-Chief is abbreviated as CiC

Updated: 16/09/2015

Remember this system works in accordance with the Phantom Rebels Rules
This system applies to council, members and officers.

Officers that get one strike will be demoted, any further strikes will lead to them being removed from Phantom Rebels.
Council members that get one strike will be demoted, any further strikes will lead to them being removed from Phantom Rebels. 

This system only exists because of a select few in the past.
This system is very rarely used now and only listed as a guide for officers.

It is also a reminder that here at Phantom Rebels we take being "dramaless" seriously and will use the below system to its fullest to ensure Phantom Rebels remains that way.

Phantom Rebels operate's a "strike system" meaning that any member/officer or council member with 3 strikes logged will be kicked and/or banned from Phantom Rebels.

Members with strikes are listed publicly in our Hall Of Shame section here on the website.


  • 1st Strike
  • A written or verbal warning by an officer or above.
  • This will be given over a private in-game chat message, over teamspeak or email through the website.

  • Strike removal: After 30days / 1 Month has passed without further rule breaking.
  • The CiC can opt to have the member in question remain at "strike 1 status".


  • 2nd Strike
    The member in question has already received 1 strike or broken one of the rules mentioned in the 2 strike section below.
    This will be written or mailed in-game to the member in question. This will be written in game chat infront of other guild members.

    At this point the individuals membership status is seriously being questioned by the Council and the leadership and is being reviewed / monitored.

    Strike removal: After 90days / 3 Months has passed without further rule breaking.
    The CiC can opt to have the member in question remain at "strike 2 status".


  • 3rd Strike
  • Members at this strike level will have already been banned/kicked or asked to leave Phantom Rebels.

  • Senior officer & council members can implement 3strikes on a member.
    3 strikes are permanent unless the member was kicked for being inactive.

  • Strike removal: Commander-in-Chief decision only

  • The CiC has the authority to review decisions made by Admins/Officers & Council. If the CiC does not agree with the decision a discussion will take place with the CiC making a final decision on the individual's membership.

  • The CiC can opt to have the member in question remain at "strike 3 status".

  • Members who feel they have been unfairly removed can ask for a discussion to take place, this can only happen if all party's involved agree to the discussion


  • The CiC reserves the right to remove Council members, Officers and members from Phantom Rebels at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
  • The CiC can further opt to have individuals permanently blacklisted from Phantom Rebels. 


  • Officers and above may remove individuals from Phantom Rebels as they see fit if the individual in question is breaking rules or disrupting the normal flow of the clan.
  • Council Members orOfficers felt abusing powers will incur three strikes and thus be removed themselfs. 


1 Strike  - This is normally given for minor offences.

  • Excessive swearing in in-game chat or temaspeak channels other then "The Bar" when warned to stop.
    Admin/Officer TBA will normally be handing these out for members they feel are excessively swearing in-game chat, or otherwise disrupting the normal flow of Phantom Rebels.
    Admin/Officer TBA is further authorised to demote members on the spot till they can be delt with by council.

2 Strikes - This is normally given for more serious offences such as:

  • Breaking rule: 6. Whilst wearing a Phantom Rebels clan tag:-=PR=- you are representing the clan/guild/squad and must behave appropriately.
    This means not being abusive or spamming in-game / chat channels.
  • Breaking rule: 7. Being abusive/swearing at other players in-game or while in TeamSpeak.
  • REPEATEDLY Breaking rule: 8. Swearing on TeamSpeak excessively.
  • Breaking rule: 10. The use of cheats/hacks will not be tolerated.

3 Strikes - Given for the most serious offences such as:

  • Decision of the Phantom Rebels CiC
  • Being abusive towards another member, admin, officer, council or the CiC
  • Swearing maliciously at another member, admin, officer, council or the CiC
  • Breaking rule: 2. If you make no contact with Phantom Rebels for over a month you will be removed from Phantom Rebels.
    You will be kicked for breaking rule 2 but may return at a later time if you wish. Contact means any member of Phantom Rebels
  • Officer decision, if member has broken rules listed on the site and officer in question feels the member should be removed immediately to avoid further disruption / upset to other members.

Admins & senior officers may give members 3 strikes if they are disrupting the normal flow of Phantom Rebels.

Admins/Officers/Members that incurr and immediate three strikes for serious offences may not be told they have been given three strikes, they will simply be removed "EJECTED" from Phantom Rebels.

If you incurr three strikes for repeated minor offences the person enforcing the strikes will make an effort to explain to you why you are being removed and try and hold a civil discussion (where possible).

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