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All Phantom Rebels rules (site/clan/teamspeak)
These rules apply to members listed on the Phantom Rebels Squad.

Updated: 16/09/2015

Remember these rules work in accordance with the Phantom Rebels strike system

Phantom Rebels Rules

  1. If you plan on leaving Phantom Rebels we kindly ask that you tell a council member why as if this is due to something that can be changed we will do everything in our power to do so.
  2. If you make no contact with a Phantom Rebels guild member for over a month you will be removed from Phantom Rebels.
    You may be kicked for breaking rule 2 but may return at a later time if you wish.
  3. Please make every effort to attend raids that you have signed up for.
    It is understandable that real world events take priority, however it is COMMON SENSE to inform the organizer that you cannot make it.
    Match Organizer: MadMax
    Assist Organizer:
  4. Phantom Rebels is free to join but we do take voluntary donations towards the site and TeamSpeak servers as these are professionally maintained and hosted.
  5. While playing under the Phantom Rebels -=PR=- tags we kindly ask that you join our TeamSpeak.
  6. Whilst wearing the Phantom Rebels tags -=PR=- ,PR you are representing Phantom Rebels and must behave appropriately.
    This means not being abusive or spamming chat channels.
    Following other clans/squads server rules
    Other clans who feel our members have broken this please contact us here
  7. Being abusive in-game or in TeamSpeak will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action / a strike or removal from Phantom Rebels.
  8. As we have allow members of all ages its important to remember who is in the channel with you while on teamspeak. We provide a dedicated channel (The Bar) that swearing is allowed in, while not in that channel please watch what you say infront of our younger members. You may be moved to "The Bar" if found using excessive language infront of younger members.
    This rule is relaxed while a match or tournement is taking place.
  9. Officers are not to remove TeamSpeak server bans without permission of a council member+
  10. The use of cheats/hacks or bots will not be tolerated. You may be reported if found doing so.
  11. Phantom Rebels squad members may request new rules and they will be considered by the Phantom Rebels leadership, Please post your request in the members forum on the site.
  12. Do not to create new channels onTeamspeak without permission from MadMax. Do not post the teamspeak connection information anywhere public without permission of MadMax


Remember these rules are taken very seriously by all Phantom Rebels staff and members.

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